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We design, develop and manufacture the best possible laminated fabric according to your need, requirements or specifications.
This will include the design and sourcing of the adequate outer shell (and inner shell if need be), the selection and manufacturing of the required membrane (that could include TPU film, Hydrophilic PU membrane, hydrophobic PU membrane, Polyester membrane, recyclable membrane, ePTFE membrane, PTFE bicomponent membrane, antistatic membrane, flame retardant membrane…etc), the water repellent surface treatment (hydrophobic treatment and oleophobic treatment on request). Our products will systematically be controlled and tested in our internal and certified laboratory, along the norms and test method ruling for the technical textiles and protective fabrics.

Lamination / bonding :

We gather on our manufacturing site different lamination or bonding technologies such as:

  • Hotmelt lamination
  • Coating and water-based lamination
  • Hot rollers and flat conveyors bonding
  • Flame bonding

Enabling us to bond together various products such as :

  • Technical textiles: fabrics, knits, felts, nonwoven…etc made from various fibers such as polyester, polyamide, cotton, wool, silk, meta-aramid and para-aramid…etc.
  • Polyurethane, polyethylene, neoprene foams.
  • Polyethylene, polyamide, aluminium, PVC folios.
  • Waterproof, windproof and breathable membranes, hydrophilic or microporous, polyester, polyurethane, expanded polytetretrafluoroethylen (ePTFE), PTFE bi-component…etc.

Surface treatment, coating :

  • Water repellency via water repellent surface treatment using fluorocarbon resins or their environmentally friendly alternatives.
  • Oil or grease repellency via oil repellent surface treatment.
  • Dot coating: modifying the surface of the fabric or of the membrane by coating dots, in order to bring additional properties (abrasion resistance for instance).
  • Specialties coating: enhance fabric or membrane properties or functionalities by adding specific layers of polymers or blends of polymers.

Seam sealing tapes

Waterproof clothing requires the seams to be sealed. We do manufacture and distribute our own seam sealing tape, ideally designed to fit our laminated fabrics.
Our range includes seam sealing tapes for 2-ply laminated fabrics, 2,5-ply laminated fabrics, 3-ply laminated fabrics.


We logically produce the optimum accessories to fit with our laminates such as:

Commission lamination or toll lamination

We do offer commission or toll lamination in case you want us to bring the waterproofness, windproofness or water repellency properties to your designated fabric.