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Products offer


Taking into account the tiniest requirements of the end users, our product range is aiming to provide the optimum performance.
Whether you are looking for rain protection, foul weather protection, cold weather protection, high visible clothing, high altitude clothing, flame or fire protection suits, electrical arc protection … etc, you’ll find something in our range.
And if you don’t, we’ll develop it for you !


Our brands:


  • EOLINER, The most innovative firefighter moisture barrier fabric.
  • WORKLINE, Designed to cope with the hardest environment, our WORKLINE laminated fabrics put the emphasis on performance and durability.
  • FACELINE, Perfect combination between performance, lightness and reliability. This range is ideally designed for sportswear, outdoor and corporate wear markets.
  • SKINLINE, Optimized breathability and softness for these next-to-the-skin laminates. Also known as Z-liner, these laminated linings are the easiest way to turn your casual clothing into a waterproof or windproof casualwear.
  • SCREENLINE, Windproof fabrics designed as softshell, to combine extreme comfort and performing insulation properties for cold weather clothing.
  • FR LINERS & FR FABRICS, Flame retardant liners or fabrics, designed for the highest individual protection. These FR laminates usually combines flame or fire retardant properties with additional function such as waterproofness, protection against blood or synthetic bloods penetration, viral penetration, liquid repellency, antistatic properties, electrical arcs protection…etc.
  • PROLINE TAPE, Seam sealing tapes for 2 ply, 2.5 ply and 3 ply laminates. Anti-wicking tape.
  • REPAIR KIT, A ready-to-use repair kit for waterproof or windproof clothing, that will make the life of your waterproof garment longer !
  • PROLINE INDUSTRY, A large range of laminated or bonded materials, covering various industrial usages. Customized development.