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Industrial textiles

Industrial textiles
Applications et secteurs d'activités

Industrial textiles


The range of technical textiles for the industry is very wide. Our various bonding or lamination technologies are offering many different ways to combine textile or plastics layers together and turn them into a multifunctional product.
PROLINE laminated fabrics can be found in the following area:
  • Lingerie
    • Foam laminated with textiles
    • Flame bonding
    • Bonded knitwear
  • Automotive industry
    • Foam laminated with textiles
    • Thermo-bonded nonwovens, spun-lace nonwovens, felt, laminated with membrane or textiles.
  • Composites
    • Multi-layers for VAP type of process
    • Laminated textiles for pre-preg type of process
    • Consolidated laminates
  • Building and construction
    • Laminates for roofing
    • Bonded textiles for home insulation
  • Hot air and gas filtration
    • Bonded nonwoven
    • Felts
    • ePTFE lamination
  • Medical applications
    • Bonded textile for medical area
    • Durable drapes with waterproof and breathable membranes
    • Durable gowns with waterproof and breathable membranes
  • Agriculture

  • Internal and external decoration (furniture…)


Industrial textiles
Industrial textiles