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Technical fabrics for police or law enforcement

Technical fabrics for police or law enforcement
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Technical fabrics for police or law enforcement

Policemen can be exposed to many different risks within one working day. Having the right fabric can not be coincidence. Our world-wide long experience enables us to guide you within our Proline range to find the most adequate protective fabrics.
Amongst the different police clothing or law enforcement gear, we can for instance name the followings:
  • Traffic officer jacket, rain gear, high visible police clothing: the rain protection fabric will combine water repellency, waterproofness and offers high breathability for additional comfort. Certified along the EN343 class 3, these laminated fabrics will also offer high visible colors as an option (along the EN471).
  • Motorcycle suits: Enhancing abrasion resistance, the laminated fabrics used for motorcycle jackets or motorcycle pants are very high performing fabrics. The most durable membranes will ensure protection against wind chill effects and guarantee waterproofness while still offering good breathability index.
  • Windproof and/or softshell police jacket: enhancing comfort by providing high breathability as well as stretch, the windproof laminated fabrics of our Screenline range can also offer extra protection such as being antistatic, having high visible color, being flame retardant…etc.
  • Anti-riot suits, anti-riot jacket: Cumulating many several risk exposure scenario, technical fabrics for anti-riot equipment will consist of mostly 2,5 ply or 3 ply laminated fabrics from our Fr Fabrics range. With high aramid fibers content (up to 100%), associated with the most performing PU or PTFE membranes, these anti-riot fabrics will aim to protect against the unpredictable: flame protection, heat protection, water and oil repellent, kerosene or petrol blends repellency (Molotov cocktail), rain protection…etc.
  • Special police equipment: customized development can be conducted for any specific needs like for instance:
    • Mountain police, high altitude patrol
    • Water police, coast guard
    • Equestrian police, cynophile police


Technical fabrics for police or law enforcement
Technical fabrics for police or law enforcement