Riot Control Forces face extreme conditions during their interventions.

To this end, we have developed a series of FR FABRICS specifically aimed at these conditions.

We have laminated aramid fabrics with very high mechanical resistance to forces such as tearing, break open and puncture.

These fabrics are laminated to FR Membranes that also repell liquid hydrocarbons


Our FR FABRIC range includes products specially developed for the Oil & Gas utilities.

This multi-layered breathable and waterproof fabric project the wearer against numerous risks and conform to :

  • Heat and Flame protection according to ISO EN 11612
  • Electric Arc according to EN 61482 & NFPA 70E, and anti-static according to ISO EN 1149
  • Whilst assuring a protection against the weather according to EN 343

Exceptionally we also have fabrics in this FR range which conform to Hi-Visibility according to ISO EN 20741.

We invite you to contact us if you need any further technical information about these products for any of the numerous certificates which are also at your disposal on demand.


Protection of man as a priority, with a high degree of wearer comfort and strict conformity to standards

Technical textiles in real application conditions, have to offer the best compromise in Protection, Comfort and Durability

Very high performance laminated fabrics, which have to adapt to multiple fields of operation

Textiles for use as PPE in the services of the protection against industrial risks in a demanding standardized world