Combatant's equipment varies enormously depending on the country of origin, the armed forced concerned and the theatre and duration engagement.

The solutions developed are mainly 2,5- or 3- layer complexes designed to best meet these requirements for the life of the garment.

To this end we have developed numerous textile bease fabrics to be printed of the required camouflage :

Woodland, European, Urban, Snow and Arid ...

Our range comprises :

  • Ultra light  (<100 g/m²), for use where weight and compactability are required
  • Medium weight (+/- 170 /m²) the best compromise between mass and performance
  • Heavier weight (>200 g/m²) where longevity and robust performance are the primary requirement

Our laminates use the best  available membranes on the market, specifically adapted to military applications.

They resist the rigorous of military use while keeping the wearer comofrtable and dry regardless of the terrain in which they are used.

A range of membrane are used : Membrane Polyuréthane pour un bon rapport performance/prix

  • PU for the best compromise of quality and price Bi-componant PTFE where the highest level of performance is required (Comfort/Waterproofness/Durability/Breathability)
  • Gas permeable PTFE allowing the passage of respiration gasses (oxygen) for the use in Bivvy Bags
Forces spéciales

Flotation devices / image clothing

This range of wind-stopping laminates offers a high level of comfort, without compromising the instrinsic properties of a multi-layer, in both static or mobile conditions.

The insulating propoerties of these products is characterized by their thermal resistance and its tested according to EN13092.

Our know-how allows us to develop a range of products that enjoy the highest level of thermal insulation and breathability, whilst remaining as light as possible.

A number of products in the SCREENLINE range are available in Hi-visibility according to ISO EN20471 and FR according to IIISO 15025


Protection or man as a priority, with a high degree of wearer comfort and a strict conformity to standards

Very high performance laminated fabrics, which have to adapt to multiple fields of operation

Technical textiles in real application conditions, have to offer the best compromise in Protection, Comfort and Durability

Textiles for use as PPE in the service of the protection against industrial risks in a demanding standardised world

When corporate image clothing needs technical performance and sustainability