Enhance protection: it’s our permanent objective.

Improve the protection level, means enhance comfort too.

Recent researches highlighted that firefighters have a higher risk of cancer due to repeated exposures to fine particles and smokes generated by various types of fires.

Caring deeply about our heroes health, ALPEX and DUPONT joined forces to develop a range of innovative multi-layer laminated products containing Nomex® Nano Flex membrane.

These 3-ply laminates enhance protection performances, offering an outstanding filtration, while drastically improving wearing comfort: feeling good while feeling safe: a major step forward!

After years of development, our Nomex® Nano Flex, specially adapted for particulates blocking hoods and knitted products, is now available!


If the Nomex® Nano Flex is so comfortable and easy to wear, it’s thanks to its capacity of letting the air and humidity step out easily.

To see how it works, and watch its performances compared to a traditional material with a PTFE membrane, check out our video here