Recycled fabrics

Conscious of our Carbon Footprint, we have a doctrine of ecoconception in all our development work. Thanks to this approach, we have developed a range of breathable-waterproof laminates based on bio-sources, or recycled materials and all 100% in their own right. We have also participated in a collaboratibe interministerial (France, "Technymat") research projetc, which has given us access to a recycling chain for garments at the end of their useful life, thus taking total ownership of our waste.

Lining membrane

We have a range of laminated linings in 2- and 3- layer laminates.

For this purpose we have selected knits with a high degree of elasticity and the highest abrasion resistance in order to protect the membrane during use. These laminated linings simplify garment construction and are also useful in garments where removable linings are order to create products that are both polyvalent and modular and can respond to seasonal variations.

Typically, these products are popular in use for cyclists and motorcyclists


When Corporate image clothing needs technical performance and sustainability

Laminated fabrics for the general public that benefit from the performance of textiles developed for the professional world