A complete range of waterproof and breathable laminated articles, covering all the needs of various police forces, both national or municipal :

  • Weather parkas (available in camouflage)
  • Extreme cold jacket
  • Warme jacket
  • Helicopter flight crew
  • Equipment for specific platoons (high mountain type)
  • Windproof jacket

A very large collection that adapts to the requirements of the end user and its specific environment.


Motor cycle

We offer solutions with specific membranes for this demanding fields.

The construction of motorcyclist suits, in both the professional or public domain, require an irreproachable level of protection and a great degree of comfort to the wearer, while keeping the wearer dry.

Various solutions are proposed, with laminated outershells or membrane inserts

Police moto

Large collection of warp and weft fabrics, laminated with waterproof and breathable membrane.

High performance fabrics for high level sport.

Notre gamme s'adapte aussi bien au terrain qu'aux intempéries. Elle est en évolution constante pour respecter des exigences toujours plus élevées.